Investors Turn to Big Real-Estate Funds


Definitely a a sign that real estate is bouncing back in the US.


Investors are pouring more money into real-estate funds than they have since the property bust, but a few giant fund firms are collecting the lion’s share of the spoils.

Pension funds, endowments and other big institutional investors are putting more cash into private-equity firms with large real-estate funds and strong track records, leaving smaller firms to fight over the scraps.

“That expression ’A rising tide lifts all boats’—that’s not the case here,” said David Hodes, managing partner of real estate consultant Hodes Weill & Associates.

Investors are putting more money into real estate in search of better returns than they can get from bonds. At the same time, some investors are reducing the number of funds they hold, helping improve their bargaining power on fees.

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